Project E-SMART Panel Board

Project E-SMART Panel Board

Project Description
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  • March 24, 2016

Cabinet Power Distribution Panel E-SMART Board

To provide information about the power of each branch of the cabinet load distribution Smart E-Meter panel board in Smart Grid, Smart Measuring Module. It is an energy management system in combination with a wide distribution. Can provide a variety of information to manage energy use analysis, storage, management, management and operation of power plants, power quality control equipment and highly effective management to make cost reductions through efficient management of electrical energy.

smartI. Introduction :


– Energy electric and diagnostic quality
Modular equipment for each load circuit shunt allows

efficient management of electrical energy.

– Energy Management Systems Full company (EMS)
is an energy management system of the whole company really.

-Maintenance Convenient
Additional changes easier circuit breaker with the use of BB Kit.

-Design Compact
Small form factor versus radical electrical panel with electronic meters overall.

II. Formed power management system:

– Smart Grid Meter (SRM: Acura 230O)
· Measurements: V, A, Hz, PF, W, Wh, Var, Varh, VA, VAH, THD, TDD
· Special Measurements: Demand (the peak), leakage current (Option) hiem dong ho thi
· Power Quality: Sag (Dip), Swell, interrupted Total Harmonic (1 -31)dong ho hiem thi
· Event Record 1 OOunit (Sag, Swell, A, W, etc.)
· Digta || / O: Dt2ch, Do: 1ch
· Communication: Ethernet Modbus TCP Protocol 2 RS485 port, SGM SMM Com
· Add: SGM on SSM 3OEA / 6P Wire round: 5M
· Measurement accuracy: 0.5 Class (lEC62053-22)

Providing measurement parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor and min. / Max. values for each load, andpower quality information includes Sag, Swell, THD, TDD, and harmonic analysis. In addition, events such as Sag or Swell affectpower quality trigger an alarm LED and LCD backlight cause to turn orange, allowing for easy confirmation of the alarm location. SGM: 5, 2 LCD monitor voltage, current, power, min / max parameters / Sag, Swell, THD, TDD, frequency, Sag, Swell-l When the alarm, LED / LCD chanes back as the orange light

thong so

Intelligent Measurement Module (CMM: Accura 2350) Accessories for MCCB
Measurements: V, A, Hz, PF, W, Wh, Var, Varh, VA, VAH, THD, TDD
· Special measurements: the current direction, the current period
· Communication: RS485 2 Port, 6P coils 5Mphu kiem cho mccb
· Measurement Accuracy: O.5 Class (lEC62053-22)
· Direct connection: 6OA, 1OOA, 225A
· With CT: CT / 5A (30OA and above)

The SMM will display the measurement parameters such as current, voltage, power factor, and leaks, and allow changes to settings such as current direction and phase sequence
SMM: LCD displays current, voltage, power factor, leakage current direction, phase sequence

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Full Energy Management System
Administration panel smart electronics is equipped with a Smart Grid Meter
and Smart Measurement Module to provide
Information on each load electric power has branches in the panel board khienTrong connected to the control panel, an energy management system of the whole company
actually been made.
Changes influenced by the energy load management
Collect information that allows electrical energy conversion system implementing intelligent energy management from information management total energy load to load personal analysis and diagnosis.

Verification of energy efficient high performance devices
Monitoring Energy Management can use the clock and instrumentation module to measure the effectiveness of the various devices are highly effective [LED lighting, motors, electrical equipment, equipment] to diagnose guess the efficiency of applicationdieu khien trung tam
devices with high efficiency and alternative energy by providing
energy information accuracy.

Cost savings through efficient management of electrical energy
Centre for e-Smart Panel provides different information

for electrical equipment management activities,
quality management and high-performance power management device analysis, and cost savings
through efficient power management.

III. Energy Monitoring System

Services intelligent energy management:

· Predictive Analysis overload of the trends used to protect circuits

monitoring stem

· Tracks and analyzes low performance devices to save reactive power.
· Tracks and analysis equipment with a bad power factor compensation for power factor.
· Reduced harmonic planned for the circuit or device.
· Manage information operate on electricity use, including initiation of work and hours of termination.

· Manage backup power to the load is not used.
· Monitoring Load for comparative analysis of energy usage.

· Comparative analysis of energy use at the same location.
· Electric Peak and power factor set for each unit of energy management download.
· Remotely using IT functions.
· Comparative analysis of power information by the hour, day, month, year, and energy management goals.

IV. E-Panel Features SMART Board:

smartEnergy electric and diagnostic performance of each device
Power measurement module for energy management for energy management on each branch circuit.

Outside easy board size identical table
electrical panel. Keeping the advantages of intelligent control panel electronics.
· Slim load measurement system.
· Product standardization assembly for simple manufacturing process.
· Easy to add circuit breakers and power changes.
· Easy to change and adjust phase unbalanced load.
· No need to install a branch too much spare circuit breaker.
· Can replace circuit breakers with live wires.
· Sealed charging compartment fire protection and electric shock.

Smart structure brings high performance:bbkit

Solid structure with branching tight instrumentation · Terminals bolt- fastened strong · Standardized SB – Kit for smaller size electric distribution box · Case refractory charging compartment · Insulation : safe from electrocution
accidents or short circuit · Phase
barrier insulation for excellent insulation performance · Asymmetric installed circuit breaker increases the convenience of maintenance · Assembly -type structure allows selection convenient phase power supply method (2,3,4 -line)

The smart technology is applied in E-SMART Board Panel:

esmartTresmartung administration center panel smart electronics allows individual real-time monitoring of the load V, A, Hz, W, Wh, Var, VA, VAH, THD, TDD, Sag, Swell. Each set switching MCCB mounted device that measured IQ

test report

V.Test operating in standard conditions

test report



Instrument test reporttest report íntrument