Electrical Insulators are a vital component used in electrical systems to prevent unwanted flow of current to the earth from their supporting points. Insulators are made of Insulating materials, porcelain, glass, silicone rubber, and so on. They are so insulated that no current can pass through them.

Powerline Insulators are very important for the overhead line, they are used to support the conductor of the transmission line and provide instructions of the tower body, they are connected to electrical conductors without allowing current through themselves.

There are 3 types of insulators according to the insulator material, Ceramic insulator: made of porcelain, Glass insulator: made of glass, and Composite insulator: made of silicone rubber.

QUAN PHAM insulators include Pin Insulator, Suspension Insulator, Strain Insulator, Spool insulator, Stay Insulator, and so on.