A guy strain insulator is designed to be used with guy wire on the overhead pole lines. It is made of fiberglass material and designed to shield the guy strands from the current that may be flowing through the transmission line.

Guy strain insulators can be used with different end fittings, clevis, Y clevis, and thimble eye. The importance of the guy strain insulator is witnessed when workers are working on the pole line.

The shape and design of the guy strain insulator increase the distance between the strands hence maximizing the insulation properties of the insulator. It also maximizes the load transfer property of the insulator especially when the transmission line is used for high voltage power.

Guy strain insulator is normally used in outdoor power transmission lines. The strength of the fiberglass is enough to withstand the vagaries of nature that can cause physical and electrical damage to the insulating material. The fiberglass material is also protected from the effects of water and high temperature. It is also resistant to UV rays.

Our guy strains are tested and proven to be effective for various electrical applications. They meet all the relevant international standards.


Made of veiled fiberglass material for strength and durability
Resistant to water and UV rays
Tested and meets the high PLP standards
Designed to fit onto guy rods

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a guy strain insulator used for?

The guy strain insulators are designed to be used on guy wires. This can be the guy cable that is running from the pole to the ground or the guy wires that are connected to two different overhead poles. The insulator is positioned at strategic points of the guy wire where it will provide maximum insulation.

Which material is used for guy strain insulator?

Guy strain insulators are made of a veiled fiberglass rod. This material has the adequate physical strength to withstand tensional forces from the guy strand cables. It is also inert to chemical damage that may be caused by rust and corrosion. Fiberglass is also resistant to the effects of UV rays.

What should I look for when buying guy strain insulator?

Check out the resistance rating of the guy strain. This is the ability of the insulator to resist the flow of the electric current. The higher the rating means better insulating property. You should also check out the strength rating of the insulator which is rated in terms of Ibs.

What are the components of a guy strain insulator?

A guy strain insulator comprises a rod, pin, and clevis opening which will provide connection to the cable strands.

Guy strain insulator drawing

GSI-12 12 20 15,000 90 45
GSI-18 18 26 15,000 126 67.5
GSI-24 24 32 15,000 180 90
GSI-26 26 34 15,000 195 97.5
GSI-30 30 38 15,000 225 112.5
GSI-36 36 44 15,000 270 135
GSI-42 42 50 15,000 315 157.5
GSI-45 45 53 15,000 337.5 168.75
GSI-48 48 56 15,000 360 180
GSI-54 54 62 15,000 405 202.5
GSI-60 60 68 15,000 450 225
GSI-78 78 86 15,000 585 292.5
GSI-96 96 104 15,000 720 360
GSI-108 108 116 15,000 810 405
GSI-120 120 128 15,000 900 450
GSI-144 144 152 15,000 1080 540
GSI-230 230 238 15,000 1725 862.5
GSI-240 240 248 15,000 1800 900