QUAN PHAM industrial fasteners are also called hardware fasteners and electrical fasteners. These fasteners are just one small part of the steel fasteners. QUAN PHAM only pays attention to the industrial fastener used on overhead line construction.

QUAN PHAM industrial fastener includes double arming bolt, eye nut, forged eye bolts, hex bolt and nut, pigtail bolt, square head machine bolt, thimble eye bolt, u bolt, upset bolt, washers, etc.

QUAN PHAM Industrial fasteners are mainly used on pole lines, power transmission lines, and overhead power lines. They are ideal to connect the pole line hardware or ADSS/OPGW accessories.

Industrial fasteners are made of carbon steel. The finish is hot-dip galvanized.

As a professional industrial fastener manufacturer, QUAN PHAM has successfully developed many kinds of eye bolts and eye nuts, including square washers.