The Pole step is also called the utility pole climbing step. For enabling the line workers to climb poles to perform maintenance, the pole steps are installed on power poles, either hollow poles or wood poles.

These pole steps are made from hot-dip galvanized to meet the specification of the ASTM A153 and are available for various pole types including threaded steel pole steps.

To provide the first solid step wood utility poles with the detachable pole step, it is fit over mount with large screws similar to achieve the highest level of two or more steps that are being used to assist linemen in gaining access to permanent steps.

To achieve the proper driving depth, a knurled ring is installed whereas the flat surface makes the installation much easier for the user.

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  • To engage the mounting plates, the inner end is perfectly sized while the steps are upturned
  • The proper driving path is made sure by knurled rings
  • The flat surface makes the installation easy and fast
  • The extension is 5 ½” when attached
  • Punched projection prevents the twisting
  • Provided with a nail hole

Pole Step

Type Step Stock Number Diameter Steel Overall Length Step Height Thread Length
Drive Hook D5810 5/8 10 7/8 2-3/4
Drive Hook D3414 3/4 14  7/8 4-3/4
What is a pole step?

The L shaped end, when screwed into an electric light pole or telephone, becomes a step for climbing. The pole step is made up of hot-dip galvanized material. A 9/16×4 inch fetter drive lag permanently attaches to the pole with the mounting plate also to prevent twisting punched projection is used.

How is the pole step used?

To prevent unauthorized climbing on a pole to the point where permanent steps are installed, the detachable pole steps are often used.

What is the function of the pole step?

To accommodate permanent or detachable climbing steps made from galvanized steel according to customer specifications is the main function of the pole step. While the detachable steps can be made from the linemen’s belt when attached to the bolt extend up to 5- ½” inches and to give this lineman steady foothold steps are turned up outside the edge.

How to install Pole Step?
  • Pole steps are installed after a pole is erected and the pilot holes should be bored while placing the hole on the ground.
  • Take the step out, pre-drill a hole five-eighths inch hole and six inches deep into your pole.
  • Put your wood bolt in
  • Take your socket wrench
  • Tighten it as tight as you get in
  • Now you are done snap goes in climb your pole when you are done and take the step with you.