Down lead clamp is also called down lead cushion, it is fixed on the pole or strain tower, guiding the optical cable to go through up or down. According to the application, the down lead clamp includes down lead clamp for towers, down lead clamp for poles, down lead clamp for ADSS, and down lead clamp for OPGW.

down lead clamp for towers consists of a stainless steel band and a rubber part. The stainless steel band is used to fix the rubber clamp onto the pole. At the same time, the rubber part secures the optical fiber. This way, the optical fiber will not shake, while decreasing damage due to friction.

The down lead clamp for towers has a different construction from the down lead clamp for poles. The down lead clamp consists of a steel bracket, bolt and nut, and rubber part. The bolts will fasten the down lead clamp to the tower.

Compared to other down lead clamp manufacturers, QUAN PHAM delivers end-users with a large variety of down lead clamp design choices. QUAN PHAM down lead clamp can be custom manufactured with a broad cable range, material, and different attachment options.

QUAN PHAM down lead clamp provides outstanding durability and reliable performance across a variety of transmission lines and communication applications. Our down lead clamp features include board cable range, quick installation, smooth surface, and competitive price.

QUAN PHAM is an ISO certified manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in Viet Nam.

If you want to check more on the specifications, see the specifications below. Please feel free to contact us.

Down Lead Clamp: The Complete Guide

Down lead clamp is one unique pole line hardware for electrical and telecommunication systems.

In deciding to purchase this hardware accessory, you need to search for one that is easy to install and reliable.

In this guide, you are going to learn about the design, technical specification, installation, and application of the Down lead clamp, among other critical aspects.

Read on to learn more.

What is a Down lead Clamp?

This is what a Down lead clamp looks like

Downlead ClampDown lead clamp

As shown in the above figure, a Down lead clamp is an accessory that is fixed on poles or strain towers.

They are used to guide optical cables to move up and down.

Without Down lead clamp, it becomes difficult for the right movement of cables.

This is what makes them very important.

Why You Need Down lead Clamp

Now, why do you need a Down lead clamp?

I know this is a possible question that you could be asking yourself right now.

Well, I will take you through this.

You will need a Down lead clamp to secure or guide cables as they down the pole (from top to bottom).

That is, you could be guiding fiber optical cables from the top of a pole to the splice box.

They come in unique shapes and designs, allowing it to cover hold numerous cables.

With that in mind, let me take you a step further.

Now, some of the main benefits of Down lead clamp include the following:

  • It has been designed to come with slip strength
  • There is a steel tower guide clamp that comes with adapters to get rid of drilling issues. This makes it simple and easy to install.
  • Lattice adapters are made available with break-away bolts for specific torque during installations.
  • Down lead clamps are very easy and quick to install.
  • They provide the right spacing and hold strength to prevent cable damage.
  • From towers to poles, Down lead clamps offer a complete line of optical ground wire from the highest level to the splice boxes.

Most people have realized the uniqueness of Down lead clamps which is why they use this accessory.

You can use a Down lead clamp in many applications such as:

Down lead clamp for poles: Down lead clamp for poles is mostly the steel banding type.

This is also used to guide cables from the pole to be tightly fixed to prevent abrasion.

Downlead clamp for pole

Down lead clamp for pole

Down lead clamp for towers: Down lead clamp for towers is used to hold the movement of cables.

The hot-deep galvanized type is used for towers.

They are used to hold cables tightly to prevent any problems or scratches.

Tower downlead clamp

Tower Down lead clamp

Down lead clamp for ADSS and Down lead clamp for OPGW: They are mostly rubber types for guiding cables.

Components of Down lead Clamp

A Down lead clamp is made up of the following key components:

· Steel bracket

The steel bracket is at the bottom of the Down lead clamp.

Its main duty is to ensure cables are well locked within.

This helps to prevent cables from coming out after installation.

When locked right, the steel bracket protects all cables.

Downlead Clamp

Down Lead Clamp bolt and nut

· Bolt

The bolt in figure 4 is a part of the Down lead clamp.

It is there to help lock cables on towers, and poles.

If the bolt is not tightened well, the entire installation process will not be as firm as you need it to be.

It affects the process all the time.

· Nut

The nut in the Down lead clamp makes installation easier.

You need to make sure the right nut is what you use.

· Rubber Section

Downlead ClampDown lead clamp with a rubber section

The rubber section helps to prevent cables from scratches or abrasions.

You should have bolts and nuts tightened rightly to make sure the rubber section doesn’t loosen up.

How to Install Down lead Clamp

Well, the process of installing a Down lead clamp is not as complicated as you may think.

However, you must be keen and cautious to install it the right way.

Let’s see how you can achieve this:

  1. You begin by detaching bolts and nuts from the Down lead clamp. Make sure you do not forcefully detach them to prevent them from getting damaged.
  2. Hold the pole or tower with the clamp part of the Down lead clamp.
  3. At the same time, insert the cables in the holes of the Down lead clamp. Do this carefully to prevent possible abrasion.
  4. Assemble the Down lead clap together.
  5. Have the bold and nuts fastened.
  6. Make sure it is fastened tightly so that cables aren’t loosening up. This helps to make cables intact.

Cross section of a downlead clamp

Cross section of a Down lead clamp

As you install the Down lead clamp, ensure you use the right size and specification.

This is critical to ensure a Down lead clamp serves the intended purpose.

Of course, by the end of the process, both bolts and nuts should be tight.

Down lead Clamp Specifications

Whenever you’re buying Down lead clamp, you should ensure they meet the following specifications:

  1. Down lead clamp for the tower comes with a stainless steel band and the rubber part.
  2. Down lead clamp’s stainless steel band is used to fix rubber clamps onto these poles.
  3. Also, the rubber part of the accessory secures the optical fibers. This is done to ensure optical fibers aren’t shaken even as damages are decreased, because of friction.
  4. Down lead clamps for towers come with unique construction compared to that for poles.
  5. This accessory consists of steel brackets, bolts and nuts, and rubber parts. These bolts are there to ensure Down lead clamp is well fastened to the tower.

FAQs on Down lead Clamp

I know you could be having a number of questions about Down lead clamps.

Don’t worry, this section focuses on some of the most common questions and answers people ask me every day.

Downlead clamp for OPGW

Down lead clamp for OPGW


Can I use Down lead clamps on my own?

Yes, you can have a Down lead clamp fixed or installed on your own. However, if you do not have an idea how to use it do not rush at all, you can let an expert do it for you.

How much do Down lead clamps cost?

The price of Down lead clamps will always differ from one manufacturer to the other, you need to choose a supplier you can trust first.

As you search on the internet, you will find many Down lead clamp suppliers and manufacturers, you can choose one that you trust.

Do I need any safety wear when installing a Down lead clamp?

Yes, whenever you are dealing with any pole line hardware, you must have the right safety gear. You may need gloves, helmets, overalls, etc.

How to decide which type of ownlead clamps will work for my project?

It is easy if you have experience in using these accessories, though there might be differences between OPGW and ADSS Down lead clamps.

You need to know which one you need for your installation and know the specific application.

With all these in mind, you will definitely choose the right Down lead clamp.

Can I reuse a Down lead clamp?

I will not recommend this. However, if you try it out and it works, that is fine.

Just make sure you always have a new Down lead clamp for a new tower or pole.

This way, you will definitely get the right grip.

Old or already used Down lead clamps may loosen frequently, they may not hold the cables well.

What to do if the Down lead clamps do not work well?

You need to verify the specifications of the Down lead clamps again, you can call the manufacturer or supplier, maybe the Down lead clamps are of low quality.

By the way, in case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, our team will help you find the right Down lead clamp.


As you can see from this guide, Down lead clamp is an important pole line hardware.

It will help you secure your cables and wires on either poles or towers.

So basically, this will ensure the efficient transmission of telecommunication signals or electricity.

Here at QUAN PHAM, we strive to design and manufacture high-quality and easy-to-use Down lead clamps.

You can contact us today and our team will help you choose the right accessory.

Product Specifications: Down lead clamp for tower
Code Cable diameter(mm) WEIGHT(KG) Material
JYTC-05-B 9.0-13.3 0.8 Rubber, Galvanized steel
JYTC-07-B 13.4-17.7 0.8 Rubber, Galvanized steel
JYTC-10-B 17.8-19.7 0.8 Rubber, Galvanized steel