There are different types of Steel cross arms including alley arm, cross arm braces, cross arm bracket, electrical cross arm, power pole cross arm, and v cross arm.

The function of the steel cross arm is to support distribution transformers, fuses, isolating links, and other line equipment.

Steel cross arms of different configurations are used on overhead lines, transmission towers, transmission lines, wood poles, utility poles, power poles, and light poles.

To make the steel cross arm more stable, there will be two cross arm braces to support the main cross arm by delta connection.

Rax Industry Steel cross arms in overhead lines mainly support the overhead line and the many holes on the steel cross arm are used to connect the other pole hardware fittings. The cross arm in the transmission line is used to support the transformer. The cross arm on the power pole or on the light pole is used to support the insulator by double arming bolt or u bolt.

The types of steel cross arms are different in each country. As a professional manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Rax Industry can support all sizes of steel cross arms, we also can do the new steel cross arm design according to your unique drawing.