Quan Pham Industry pole top pin is used with pin insulators on 11kv/33kv distribution lines, power transmission lines, and overhead power lines.

The pole top pin slotted channel sections are mounted against the pole by 5/8-inch bolts. The design of the pole top pin is to allow easy removal for the replacement of insulator units or fittings without the necessity to remove the insulator strings from the cross arms. Quan Pham Industry pole top pin has length of 18’’ and 20’’, with 1’’or 1-3/8’’ lead thread. The straight base design has two mounting holes on the base.

Lead threads are made from a lead alloy of a grade and quality suitable to meet the strength and performance requirements of the ISO1461 standard. Quan Pham Industry pole top pin meets the strength minimum load of 680kg in transverse, and 540kg in longitudinal.

The pole top pin is made from hot new rolled steel. The steel will heat to red and punched to the designed shape. The finish of the pole top pin is hot dip galvanized which is reasonably smooth and free of burrs or other sharp projections.

As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Quan Pham Industry can support all sizes of pole top pins, We can also customize them according to your designs.

Pole Top Pin: The Complete Guide

A Pole top pin is a hardware accessory for all pole line and overhead line needs.

They are used to connect insulator pins.

It is necessary for you to know about these hardware accessories before you decide to even purchase and use them.

This is where this guide makes the difference.

With this guide, you can obtain all the information you need to make use of this to achieve true worth.

After reading this guide, you will know what a pole top pin is, why you need it, the manufacturing process, the installation process, etc.

Read on for more information.

What is a Pole Top Pin?

Pole Top Pin

Have you seen the above hardware accessory in figure 1 before?

Well, if you haven’t then it is a pole top pin.

Its unique design is mostly used to install cables and other hardware accessories on pole lines and overhead lines.

These unique accessories come designed in unique types for you to make the right decisions.

You will know more as you read the guide.

Where do we use the pole top pin?

Pole top pin is used along with pin insulators mainly on power transmission lines, 11kv/33kv distribution lines, and overhead power lines.

What are the specific reasons to use a pole top pin?

  • Pole top pin is used to permit smooth or effortless removal for insulator unit replacement or fittings devoid of removing insulator strings from cross arms.
  • You need a pole top pin to ensure strings aren’t damaged when used.

Connecting insulator pins might seem to be unnecessary.

However, when you ask the experts you will know how valuable they are in pole line and overhead line construction projects.

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to purchase and install them always read the right guides.

Pole Top Pin Manufacturing Process

I believe you really need or wish to obtain information on the process of making pole top pins.

If you do that is great.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know this.

Pole Top Pin

To begin with, there is the need for you to know that pole top pin hardware accessory is made from hot new rolled steel.

The process of manufacturing includes:

  1. The process begins by heating the steel to become very red.
  2. After that, it is punched to obtain the shape it has.
  3. Its finish is hot dip galvanized and this is ideally smooth and has no burrs or projections that are sharp.

Knowing this helps you to obtain the right information as it is needed.

Not all suppliers use the right method to manufacture their pole top pins.

This is why you need to choose the right manufacturers so that you are sure of the quality of all installations.

If the pole top pin is not designed right, you will always struggle with using it.

When you have these details you can purchase what you need and that is good.

  • Quality standards – ISO 1461, ANSI

It is always important for you to purchase a pole top pin from the best manufacturers.

What makes manufacturers the best is their standard.

The best manufacturers will have standards ISO 61 and ANSI.

If you purchase a pole top pin with inferior standards, there will be a problem.

Prices might be very cheap, but they will not benefit you in any way and that is one thing to be sure of.

  • Loading Strength in both Transverse and Longitudinal

Pole top pin lead threads are made from lead alloys of grade and high quality, suitability to have strength and performance necessities met.

It is hard to see high-quality pole top pin break or reach breaking loan.

Due to the unique materials that are used in making this hardware accessory, nothing will go wrong when you use it.

Loading strength in the crosswise or transverse is mostly not the same as in the longitudinal method.

Always make sure you never have to worry about this no matter what.

  • Dimensions

Do you want to know the dimension of pole top pins?

The dimension of the pole top pin is 18’’ and 20’’, with 1’’or 1-3/8’’ lead thread.

Knowing the right dimensions is always important.

When you know this it will help you all the time to achieve true results.

Knowing the right dimensions will help you in achieving results that are ideal and unique.

  • Top Hole Size

The top hole size of a pole top pin is mostly slotted differently.

However, the normal size is slotted 11/16 x 1-1/4 inch.

Most people have no idea of checking or knowing the top hole size.

However, they always help with installations and that is a good thing.

  • Spacing Bolt

Pole top pins, and hardware accessories are used in fastening and deciding the space between the bolts.

There are times when bolts must be spaced in specific measurements for specific purposes.

Try to have these understood for your own benefit.

  • Insulator Thread Material

Insulator thread materials are used to remove insulator strings from cross arms.

The Pole top pin has a length of 18’’ and 20’’, with 1’’or 1-3/8’’ lead thread.

Step-by-step Process How to Install Pole Top Pin

Installing a pole top pin is not something that is complicated.

However, you need to be sure about the actual process.

Sections of pole top pin

Sections of pole top pin

Most people find it complicated to appreciate the installation of these hardware accessories and that is what you should never take for granted.

  1. Start by having your tools for installation set, right.
  2. Have pole top pin slotted channel sections mounted right against poles by 5/8-inch bolts.
  3. Have insulator strings fitted from cross arms.

When you know the ideal and right installation process it helps you.

There are even videos you can watch to help you with installations.

Make sure you purchase the right pole top pin so that the right use is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the pole top pin used for?

The pole top pin is used to connect the insulator pin on 11kv/33kv distribution lines, power transmission lines or overhead power lines.

What are the types of pole top pin?

According to the shape, there are pole top pins and offset pole top pin. According to the material of insulator threads, there are pole top pins with nylon alloy or cast lead.

What is the surface treatment on the pole top pin?

It is hot-dip galvanizing.

How to choosing the best pole top pin manufacturer?

Here are the guidelines that can help you to end up with a suitable manufacturer:

  • Check whether the company is licensed
  • The production capacity of the company
  • Look for the reviews about the manufacturer
  • Experience of the manufacturer


Since this guide has made it clear what pole top pins are and their uniqueness, you have nothing to worry about.

All you need is to read it thoroughly.

In purchasing and using pole top pins, you must make the right decisions.

And, you can only do that by understanding everything I have mentioned in this guide.

At Rax Industry, we design and manufacture high-quality pole top pins.

Call us now.

Our team of experts will answer every question you have.

They will help you as well in buying as well as using these pole top pins all you want to achieve true results.


(1)Available with Nylon or Lead Threads for 1″ or 1-3/8″ Diameter Insulator Threads

(2)Eliminate worker handling and environmental disposal concerns associated with lead threads

(3)Firm and resilient fit, improving insulator installation

(4)Facilitates insulator groove alignment

(5)Compliance with dimensional specifications and ANSI performance

Product Specifications JY-2170 JY-2195
Product Name Pole Top Pin Pole Top Pin
Product Type Straight Base Straight Base
Length 18″ (457 mm) 20″ (508 mm)
Product Finish Galvanized Galvanized
Material Steel Steel
Dimension A 3″ 3
Dimension B 5″ 8″
Dimension C 18″ 20″
Top Hole Size 11/16″ 11/16″
Mounting Bolt Spacing 8″ and 5″ 8″
Thread Diameter 1″ 1 3/8″
Insulator Thread Material Lead Lead