Double Arming Plate


Double arming plates and double arming bolts are used for double-arm construction, which is mainly used in Russia.

The double arming plate is hot-dip galvanized, it is connected to two paralleled cross arms to support insulator pins, which are mounted to the center hole of the plate.

As a professional manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Quan Pham Industry can support all sizes of Double Arming Plates, We can also customize them according to your designs.

Double Arming Plate

Stock No. Steel Size  Inch Length  Inch Mounting Hole Inch Approximate shipping
weight kg./100 Pcs.
Standard Pkg.
Qty./ Carton
Hole Slot
D0400-01 4 X 1/2 24 13/16 13/16X3/12 563.00 5
D0400-02 4 X 1/4 17 11/16 11/16X 3 210.00 10