Guy Strain

Providing electrical separation from the pole to the guy wire is the basic purpose of guy strain, these strain insulators act as lighting rod electrocuting protectors. Generally, they insulate the lower portion of the guy from the upper end.

Made from ductile iron hot-dip galvanized, the veiled fibreglass rod helps to provide UV protection. The crimped end fittings provide high performance holding strength.

Quan Pham is an ISO-certified manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Guy Strain based in Vietnam. To meet customer’s high-quality standards, it is manufactured tested and verified and rated as 16,000 lbs.

The glass fibre filaments designed to meet the cited strength requirements shall be used with a guy strain insulator.


Roller groove
Fibreglass rod
Ductile iron
Clevis with roller
Glass fibre filaments

With excellent weather states, the guy strain insulator remains stable and uniform in varying temperatures.
To prevent moisture ingress, the junction between the fibreglass rod and end fittings is sealed
Rollers are being rotated freely between clevis ears
To minimize the tracking and ultraviolet damage the guy strain insulator have a high-gloss finish to resist the cohesive contaminating materials.

Guy Strain

What is guy strain?

To provide the electrical insulation to the anchor and guy wire – if the conductor makes contact with the guy, the basic purpose of installing guy strain is to keep grounded guy wires out of hot working areas.

How is the guy strain used?

The guy strain insulator is used in a fashion to prevent damage during handling, shipping and long term outside storage. To minimize the tracking and ultraviolet damage, high gloss finish resistance is used.

Typically, the guy strain is used outdoor where they are exposed to rain in overhead wiring to create a low-resistance electrical path

What is the function of the guy strain?

The function of guy strain is that it helps prevent the destructive torsion forces against the guy strain insulator, also to eliminate the fibreglass rod while tensioning the twisted effect is often used.

How to install a guy strain?

Before securing the guy strand to the pole, the guy strain insulators must be installed in the guy strand.

Strand clamps:

The number and type of strand clamps are used with different size strands; therefore, to protect one guy strand from the strain insulator, the strand clamps are used.

Single strain insulator

With bolt-type and clevis type automatic-locking strand clamps, it is preferable to use single strain insulators.