The thimble eye bolt is designed to connect the dead end guy grip or attach the guy wires to the pole or concrete line. It is widely used on overhead lines, electric power lines, and communication lines. There are two types of thimble eye bolts: straight thimble eye bolts and angle thimble eye bolts.

One thimble eye bolt is assembled with one square nut or hex nut. The smooth internal curve in the middle of the thimble is an ideal design to link the loop of the guy grip.

With Quan Pham Industry’s know-how in the eye bolt industry, we can help you save costs and remain competitive by being your OEM partner for thimble eye bolt. Whether for standard or custom thimble eye bolts, we will provide a quick solution for all market needs.

Quan Pham Industry thimble eye bolts are hot dip galvanized according to ISO1461. The galvanized steel thimble eye bolts are packed in cartons or woven bags according to the customers’ requirements.

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What does thimble eye bolt use together with?

The thimble eye bolt used together with thimble eye nut.

Where is the thimble eye bolt used?

The thimble eye bolt is a special eye bolt which used on the pole line/ overhead line construction.

What are the types of the thimble eye bolts?

There are two types: straight thimble eye bolt and angle thimble eye bolt.

The main process in making the galvanized thimble eye bolt is hot forging. Quan Pham Industry thimble eye bolt does not have any welded part. Thus, all Quan Pham Industry steel thimble eye bolt reaches minimum tensile strength for 5/8‘’ diameter bolt 13550pounds, and 3/4’’ diameter bolt min tensile strength 20050 pounds.

When the steel rod is heated by the electric furnace, the red rods are sent to the friction punch machine to press to the thimble eye shape. Quan Pham Industry experience in the thimble eye bolt manufacturing process, makes it keeps the production efficient and of good quality.

Product Specifications
Product Name Angle Thimbl eye Bolt
Bolt Type Angle Thimbl eye
Diameter 5/8″ (15.9 mm)
Length Under Eye 14″ (356 mm)
Product Finish Galvanized
Thread Length 6″
Number of Nuts 1
Nut Type Square
Rated Tensile Strength 12,400 Lbs. (55.2 kN)
ANSI / NEMA Standard Yes
Code JY-ATEB 5/8″*6″
Standard Package Woven bags
Unit of Measure EA