Quan Pham Industry hex bolt and nut also called galvanized bolts and nuts, hot dip galvanized bolt and nut, are used on power transmission lines, and overhead power lines. Quan Pham Industry hex bolts and nuts fasten the pole line hardware or power line accessories.

Quan Pham Industry hex bolt and nut are hot forged. The steel rod is heated to red-hot by the electric stove, then the red rods are punched into the hexagon head. The screw is made by a rolling machine.

The hex bolt and nut raw material is steel rod. Quan Pham Industry doesn’t make the stainless steel hex bolt and nut. The popular diameter of the hex bolt and nut is 1/2’’, 5/8’’, and 3/4’’ while the thread is 100mm-400mm range.

The surface treatment for the hex bolt and nut is hot dip galvanization. The thickness reaches 43 microns according to standard ISO1461.

The packing for hex bolts and nuts is in cartons or woven bags. The cartons and bags are packed on the wooden pallet.

As a professional manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Quan Pham Industry can do the hex bolt and nut according to the customer’s design. Quan Pham Industry can mark the logo on the Hex bolt and nut. If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

Hex Bolt And Nut

Product Specifications hex bolt and nut 
Code Size Bolt Length inch (mm) K L d S E m s e
JY-1003026 3/8”(M10) 2”(50mm) 6.4 50 M10 16 17.77 8.2 16 17.77
JY-1004287 1/2” (M12) 2”(50mm) 7.5 50 M12 18 20.03 10.5 18 20.03
JY-1003825 5/8” (M16) 2”(50mm) 10 50 M16 24 26.17 14.5 24 26.75
JY-1004666 5/8” (M16) 3”(80mm) 10 80 M16 24 26.17 14.5 24 26.75