After installing a power and telecommunication line, the next thing that you will think about is how to protect the conductor from different forms of physical damage. This is where the importance of a line guard comes in. You will buy the best line guards that will provide maximum physical protection.

Our line guards are designed to protect the power lines from animals and other factors that can cause damage by cutting the cables. Keep in mind that after installation, animals such as squirrels may access the line and cut the conductors. This can easily cause damage and even interfere with the power flow.

The materials for the guards are strong enough to withstand the pressure that the agents of damage may exert on them. The material will also withstand the effects of harsh weather and other external conditions.

Other than the power transmission, the line guards are also used on telecommunication lines. The design of the line guards ensures that they hold onto the cable tightly. As an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier, we can also choose the specification and design that fits your application.

Key Features

Protects conductors from cut and abrasion
Suitable for different sizes of cables
Can be used on different frequencies and of the line
Made of weather-resistant material
Easy to install and use

Frequency Asked Questions

What is a line guard?

Line guard is a powerline accessory that is used for protecting transmission lines from physical and even chemical damage. The damage can be due to the animals eating up the cable or due to harsh weather such as snow, heat, and rain.

What types of conductors can be used with line guards

Our line guards are versatile and can be used with different conductors. You can use them on both the aluminum and copper conductors and the guards will perform exceptionally.

What voltage range can the line guard support?

Our line guards are used for both the high-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines. Other than the designated physical protection, the guard lines on the high voltage can be used for protection against the corona effect.

Can I get customized line guards?

Yes. If you are not contented with the stock sizes of the line guards, you can opt for the custom line guards. All you need is to contact us and we will customize the dimensions and designs of the line guards to fit into your application.

Catalog Diameter Range (Inches) Length Rod Diameter Rods Per Color
Number Min. Max. (Inches) (Inches) Set Code
LG-7 0.182 0.193 17(S) 0.102 7 Purple
LG-8 0.26 0.273 19(S) 0.121 8 Green
LG-9 0.309 0.326 21(S) 0.121 9 Red
LG-10 0.347 0.366 23(S) 0.121 10 Green
LG-11 0.39 0.413 25(S) 0.121 11 Yellow
LG-12 0.414 0.436 25(S) 0.121 12 Brown
LG-13 0.464 0.49 27(S) 0.121 13 Green
LG-14 0.522 0.551 29(S) 0.121 14 Black
LG-15 0.552 0.585 31(S) 0.121 15 Red
LG-16 0.704 0.74 37(S) 0.146 16 Green
LG-17 0.741 0.792 39(S) 0.146 17 Orange
LG-18 0.793 0.84 39(S) 0.146 18 Purple
LG-19 0.841 0.898 41(S) 0.146 19 Blue