Armor grip suspension is also called preformed suspension clamp or AGS suspension clamp, it offers a complete set of Aluminum clad, rubber, armor grip, bolt, and nut to support and protect the ADSS/OPGW cable from damage due to bending.

QUAN PHAM Armor grip suspension can be custom manufactured with different wire numbers, a wide range of cable sizes, wire raw material, and armor grip suspension design options to exactly match the grip strength, span, and cable type requirements, including double suspension clamp, AGS suspension clamp, cushion grip suspension clamp, suspension clamp for ADSS cable, suspension clamp for OPGW.

Double suspension clamps are specially used on a long span, going cross a river, or big drop height on a mountain. The vertical breaking load of the double suspension clamp is 100kn.

As an ISO certified manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, QUAN PHAM has years of experience in the armor grip suspension industry, we can help you save costs and remain competitive by being your OEM partner for preformed suspension clamps. Whether for standard, custom, or different types, QUAN PHAM Armor grip suspension provides a good quality solution for all market needs.

Armor Grip Suspension: The Complete Guide

Armor grip suspension is a unique accessory that is very important for all your telecommunications and electrical needs.

You need to buy high quality and reliable armor grip suspension for efficient and uninterrupted transmission.

In this guide, I will make that process simple and easy for you.

Here, I am going to walk you through basic definition, main components, installation procedures, and technical specifications, among other important aspects.

I want to make it easier for you to choose and buy the right armor grip suspension.

Let’s get started.

What is Armor Grip Suspension?

Do you know what this accessory looks like?

Here is what I am talking about:

Armor Grip Suspension

Armor grip suspension

As in the picture above, an armor grip suspension is one of the many suspension clamps used for distribution or transmission systems.

It consists of preformed clamps, wires, nuts, and bolts.

Depending on the unique applications, you can find armor grip suspension made from galvanized iron or steel.

It is also called a preformed suspension clamp or AGS suspension clamp.

They come in unique designs and sizes.

This is always dependent on your application needs.

All you need is to get a reliable manufacturer who can make an armor grip suspension for your needs.

Why You Need Armor Grip Suspension

As I said earlier, armor grip suspension plays an important role in telecommunication and electricity systems.

So, here are some of the main reasons why you need this accessory.

1. It is an Important Accessory for Line Repair Purposes

In situations where conductors have been damaged by bolting clamps, a preformed armor grip suspension can be used for repairs.

Armor grip suspensions can be installed over preformed armor rods.

This restores and extends the lifespan of conductors.

2. Armor Grip Suspension Plays a Crucial Roles in Line Angles

Experts recommend that the best angle for single support AGS is 30 degrees.

That is why the armor grip suspension, double assembly is best for angles between 30 degrees and 60 degrees.

Armor grip suspensions can be used for:

  • ACSR conductors
  • Copper conductors
  • Fir ACC
  • Galvanized steel conductors
  • SC/AC conductors
  • AAAC

They can also be divided into single or double AGS suspensions.

Preformed armor grip suspension units are designed for use on various types of materials and conductor constructions.

This unit is also designed to lessen static and dynamic stress at support points.

It ensures that conductors are safeguarded against conduction motion effects.

It works by protecting conductors in support areas against power flash-over and impulse arching.

When you compare them to normal suspension clamps, preformed armor grip suspension units are superior to bolted types.

Of course, this is when it comes to safeguarding conductors from compression and bending abrasion or stress.

To have corona onset and RIV specifications met for most extra high voltage apps, you should use these products.

How to choose for different spans?

Less than 100m spans: choose a preformed suspension clamp without an inner armor grip. The rubber wraps the ADSS cable directly, the aluminum clad connect the U clevis to hang up the ADSS cable.

100-200m span: suspension clamp assembly consists of inner armor grip, rubber, aluminum clad, bolt and nut. The vertical grip strength is 30kn. The inner armor grip wraps the ADSS cable to reduce the static and dynamic stresses at the support point so that the conductor is protected against the effects of conductor motion.

200-800m span: The difference with 100-200m span is the suspension clamp assembly added outer armor grip. The big touching space between the Armor grip suspension and ADSS cable will reduce the dynamic stresses at the support point.

You can review the summary of this explanation in the table below:

Span Less than 100m 100-200m 200-800m
suspension clamp assembly Aluminum clad, rubber, bolt, and nut inner armor grip, rubber, aluminum clad, bolt and nut inner armor grip, outer armor grip, rubber, aluminum clad, bolt and nut
vertical grip strength 10kn 30kn 70kn

Main Component of Armor Grip Suspension

Some of the main components of the armor grip suspensions include the following:

Components of armor grip suspensionsComponents of armor grip suspension

  • Bolt – it’s made from galvanized steel
  • Lock nut – it’s made from galvanized steel
  • Washer – galvanized steel is a popular material for this component
  • Strap – its main component is galvanized steels for conductor diameter 6.7 – 12.7mm range. However, for high strength aluminum alloys for conductor diameters 12.24-56.7mm range.
  • Rods – its main component is aluminum alloy for CSR diameter angles 12.24 – 56.711mm, galvanized steel for galvanized steel strands diameter 6.9 – 2.7mm, aluminum clad steel for ACSR diameter angles 12.24 – 56.7mm, and aluminum clad steel for Aluwoweld strand diameter angles 6.7-12.7mm.

Its standard armor rods have dimensions that are unique from AGS rods and that cannot be replaced.

  • Housing; the main material is galvanized steel stamping – for cable diameter ranges 6.9 – 127 mm. For high strength aluminum alloy casting for conductor diameter ranging from 12.24mm to 56.7mm.
  • Insert – An elastomer is uniquely designed for ozone attack; excessively high and low-temperature differences, weathering, and compression set resistance.

Installing Armor Grip Suspension on Pole Line

You need to follow the right procedures when installing armor grip suspension.

Although this process is not complicated, you need to get it straight so that you can complete it and see its maximum use.

  1. Start by plumbing insulator strings and have conductors marked at its sheave center. You can make use of a felt pen. Make sure you never scratch the conductor.
  2. Lift the conductor beyond the rod ends to permit the right application clearance.
  3. Ensure AGS neoprene center marks align. The inserts made with a center mark on the conductor and have a thin layer of tape used to hold it in its place.
  4. Have AGS rod centered on insert. Make sure the right amount of rod length is applied. This is important to ensure it stays on the conductor. Make sure rods aren’t distorted.
  5. Apply the single rod carefully. The rod’s curvature should follow the neoprene insert’s contour. Be sure that there is no space between the insert and the rod.
  6. Have all excess rods applied evenly around neoprene inserts. Ensure no rods are crossed. Each rod can be totally applied or, all rods can be fixed incompletely.
  7. Have the AGS housing’s two halves on either side of the center assembly. Then have the AGS strap slid into its position and with your hand’s heel, firmly tape it into place.
  8. Have the housing’s ears spread and the strap tapped back into place. This will ensure holes are aligned in order to have bolts easily aligned.
  9. Have nuts tightened until the lock washer (become approximately flat). Make sure you do not over tighten the nut. Also, try not to have the ears squeezed against the fitting.

Armor Grip Suspension

Section of armor grip suspension

During the installation process, please pay attention to the following:

  • Compatibility of conductor

Armor grip support must be utilized only on the type and size of conductors they are made for.

It is designed for right-hand lay conductors.

Armor Grip Suspension Technical Specifications

Below are some of the main technical specifications of armor grip suspension you need to look for:

Armor Grip Suspension

Armor grip suspension side view

  • Type of Material – Galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, and aluminum clad steel.
  • Diameter Range – Diameter ranges always differ. You need to choose depending on the project at hand and your needs.
  • Number rods – the number of rods depends on the design and type of armor suspension grip.
  • Rod dimensions –Rod dimensions also vary. However, it should always be in line with the armor grip suspension unit size you decide to use.
  • Color code – It indicates conductor diameter ranges. Color mark identifies starting locations and rod centers during the process of installation.

Precautions when Handling Armor Grip Suspension

In handling armor grip suspensions, below are some precautions you must take:

Armor Grip SuspensionArmor grip

i. Armor grip suspension units are designed for aluminum and galvanized steel conductors.

ii. Make sure you never have rods, modified or reused no matter what.

iii. Only trained persons should install armor grip suspension

iv. You must be cautious when using armor grip suspension on energized lines. This is to prevent possible electrocution.

v. Handle and store armor grip suspension as per the manufacturer’s instructions

vi. These rods are matched by factory standards so make sure they aren’t intermixed from unique sets.

vii. Check the rod alignment during installation

FAQs on Armor Grip Suspension

Below are some of the most common questions people ask me every day:

How to choose the different armor grip suspension for my installation?

There are differences between armor grip suspensions for OPGW and ADSS. Mostly, OPGW types have more strength when they grip.

How to know the right size of armor grip for my project?

It will depend on your specific applications. However, I recommend that you consult an expert to get the right armor grip suspension.

Can I find low grade armor grips on the market?

Yes, with the availability of the internet it is easy to search for and find any grade of this product. However, if you want high-quality armor grip suspension, you should contact the factory directly. They control the quality well.

Does armor grip suspension require any special installation method?

As you can see from this guide, it is a simple process. However, if you have no idea of how it is done try to call in an expert, do not install it without prior knowledge.

Can I reuse my armor grip suspension?

You should use armor grip only once and for special applications as the manufacturer recommends. Nonetheless, other components apart from the rod can be reused if their condition is good.

What should I do if my armor grip suspension can not fit properly?

There are so many reasons for that – ranging from buying low quality to inappropriate accessories.

You can call an expert or the manufacturer.

It is an easier way of sorting this problem: Always use the manual or instructions the armor grip suspension comes with.


From this guide, you can see an armor grip suspension is an important accessory.

Also, you have seen how the installation process is easy and straight forward.

You need to buy this accessory from the right manufacturer.

This way, you will get the right design, size, and one that meets the right quality specifications.

At QUAN PHAM, we are here to help you find the right armor grip suspension.

Talk to us today, and our team will be happy to help.

Product Specifications : Armor Grip Suspension for ADSS
Code Cable diameter(mm) Length of the inner grip Weight(kg) Applied Span(< m)
JY-AXD-010-1000 9.0-10.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-010-1100 10.01-11.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-010-1200 11.01-12.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-010-1300 12.01-13.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-010-1400 13.01-14.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-010-1500 14.01-15.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-010-1600 15.01-16.00 0.8 100
JY-AXD-015-0940 19.0-9.4 800 1.0 150
JY-AXD-015-1040 19.5-10.4 800 1.0 150
JY-AXD-015-1150 10.5-11.5 800 1.1 150
JY-AXD-015-1240 11.6-12.4 800 1.02 150
JY-AXD-015-1340 12.5-13.4 800 1.05 150
JY-AXD-015-1420 13.5-14.2 860 1.05 150
JY-AXD-015-1490 14.3-14.9 860 1.1 150
JY-AXD-015-1590 15.0-15.9 860 1.1 150