The purpose of the span clamp is to provide drop wire clamp attachment at the mid-span, the span clamps are superior in safety and functionality to produce small quantities efficiently to increase productivity.

The clamp plays an important role in protecting the cable, and it also assists in reducing vibration.

Clamp plates are made of aluminium with 3/8″ steel hardware. Moreover, the strand size ranges from ¼” to 3/8″ to prevent loss of nut thread and are used during installation.

These are composed of high-quality steel for corrosion-resistant to ensure that the diamond parts withstand the corrosive environment and are mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM specifications.

The bolts and nuts are formed from Grade 2 steel, and bolts are 3/8″ in diameter for additional strength.

QUAN PHAM is an ISO-certified manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of span clamps based in Viet Nam, we can do OEM or ODM for you.


Anchor shackle
Rubber clamp
Suspension clamp
An anti-separation washer
A hook bolt
Support plates
A nut


The minimum tensile strength of the hook is 500 PSI
Can accommodate 6.6mm to 16.6mm messenger strand
The clamping plates are having a strength of 80,000 PSI
High-quality steel which is made of corrosion-resistant
With span, less than 100mm in ADSS erecting these are intended for straight-line pole
To allow the nut to turn easily, the controlled galvanized with sharp and clean threads is used


What is span clamp?

The span clamp is used for mid-span wire take-offs, and its main objective is to hold the cable away from the aerial connection. The span clamp is made of high-quality steel with a tensile strength of hook with 75,000 PSI.

How is the span clamp used?

The span clamp is used in CATV and telephone installation also the clamp is capable of accommodating multiple drops while the clamp also can be used in a telephone cable.

What is the function of the span clamp?

The main function of span clamp is in the line of aerial connection it is used as pull off to hold cable away from obstacles. To eliminate the issue of an attached wire being loosened by wind whip, the pigtail hooked shape is used for complete retention of the wire loop of the door wire lamp.

How to install the span clamp?
  • Position the clamping plates on top of messenger strand
  • Tighten the clamping nut
  • In the next step, insert the wire loop of the drop wire clamp into the hook.
  • See the area where service is being installed and now pull the drop wire against the hook.

span clamp drawing