The power pole cross arms are also called steel cross arms, utility pole cross arms, and pole cross arms. According to the application, it can be divided into cross arm in overhead lines, cross arm in transmission line and cross arm of the transmission tower.

There are different cross arm set designs for different voltage and conductors.

Quan Pham Industry pole cross arm is assembled together with a tie strap, double arming bolt, curved washer, and hex/square nut.

For 11kv cross arm set, the cross arm length is settled as 2200mm, there are U channel cross arm and angle cross arm for a bare conductor or covered conductor construction design.

How does the Quan Pham Industry QC team examine the power pole cross arms?

1)Visual Examination:

All the cross arm surfaces are fully coved by hot dip galvanized, with no omissive. The steel cross arm surface is bright and smooth.

2)Verification of Dimensions:

All the cross arm length, width, and thickness are measured and written on the report. The wholes diameter and distance between two holes are in the tolerance

3)Check of Zinc Thickness.

There is a thickness test device. Before testing, the device will be calibrated.
If the test didn’t pass, the workers should do a second time selection.

The power pole cross arms can be designed in accordance with the customers’ drawings.

Quan Pham Industry power pole cross arms present the most pleasing appearance with no ribs and no sharp ends. Utility pole cross arms raw material to be used will be of grade S275 according to EN10025.

All the holes on the power pole cross arms are punched before galvanizing.

Quan Pham Industry permitted variation tolerance for steel cross arm is as below:
1.) For steel cross arm hole diameter tolerance is ± 1%
2.) For Length of elements tolerance ± 5%

All welding points have a 100% penetration minimum

Quan Pham Industry utility pole cross arms hot-dip galvanizing thickness is more than 630g/m2.

For the hollow part of the galvanized steel cross arm, it will be galvanized both inside and outside the surface for one time.

According to the customers’ requirements, we can press the customers’ logo. And the logo is clearly visible after galvanizing.


11 kV Bare conductor + suspension + wooden pole

Power Pole Cross Arm33 KV CROSSARM SETS

33 kV Bare conductor + suspension + wooden pole

Power Pole Cross Arm


11/33 kV Covered conductor + suspension + wooden pole

Power Pole Cross Arm