QUAN PHAM is the top earth anchor manufacturer and supplier in China, our earth anchors are mainly used for utility applications.

Utility anchors are types of earth anchors (ground anchors) that are used for utility purposes, they are widely used in utility poles, transmission lines, telephone poles, and telecommunication lines. The utility anchors are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and specifications as per the utility needs of a customer.

The utility anchors are easily installable without making any damage to the pole or electricity wires attached to it. The utility anchor is a self-locking device as it can be placed inside the utility pole without the use of any tool.

The utility anchors are designed with a closed bottom which prevents water from entering them, due to which these utility anchors are highly durable. If a utility rod or pole is damaged it can be easily replaced with a utility anchor.

Our utility anchors can have complete utility information engraved on them, which includes the utility company name, utility product description, and utility contact number.

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