Quan Pham Industry stay set includes stay rod, stay bow, stay plate, and thimble. There are stay bow type stay set and turnbuckle type stay set. Quan Pham Industry can accept any customized type stay set.

Quan Pham Industry stay bow with a thimble for 2.5M X19mm, stay bow is mainly used outdoors in the High Voltage Aerial Bundle Cable(HV ABC) Distribution System. The mild steel galvanized stay bow with the thimble is produced for use as an accessory for HV ABC Stay wire installations suitable for 2.5MX19MM stay rod up to Grade 700SWG 7/8 stay wire.

The mild steel galvanized stay bow & thimble can burden a minimum breaking load of 62kn. Quan Pham Industry stay bow with the thimble is hot-dip galvanized according to ISO1461. All dimensions are in millimeters with a tolerance +/- 5%.

As a professional manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Quan Pham Industry can support all sizes of stay sets, the stay bow &thimble surface is free from sharp edges, burrs which could cause damage to the HV ABC or inflict injury to the installer or user. When the stay sets are assembled well, it performs reliably and without danger to a person or surroundings.

A Simple Guide to Choose Stay Set for your Project

Before buying a stay set, there are several technical data that you need to know. These details will help you to buy the right stay sets that will be suitable for your specific area of application.

We’re going to dig deep into some key technical specifications, but feel free to jump to any section that interests you:

Stay Set

The Ideal Service Condition for Stay Set

This information specifies the ideal conditions in which you can use the stay set.

The service condition is specified based on the physical and chemical properties of the materials that have been used to manufacture the stay set.

The stay set assembly can also influence the ideal conditions in which you are supposed to use the rod.

Stay sets are manufactured to survive under a wide range of outdoor conditions.

When it comes to humidity, they can be used in an environment that is up to 90% humid.

They can also remain intact even when in a wide temperature variation. You can use them at both low and high temperatures.

The Design of Stay Set for Africa Market

Rax Industry stay set 7/8 is made from mild steel. The final treatment on the surface is hot dip galvanized according to BS729. One stay set includes stay set, stay plat, long eye bolt, and tubular turn buckle. Usually the bore turn buckle tubular has the same tensile strength as the stay set.

There is thread inside the tubular portion according to different stay set sizes. Some stay set manufacturers insert a separate piece of thread to the Tubular portion to lower the cost. But the separate piece of thread inserted in the tubular portion couldn’t reach the required load. Rax Industry can supply all the technical details and drawings of the stay set assembly when customers come to check the quality.

Stay Set Construction

When it comes to construction, we are simply trying to define the stay set assembly.

Basically, this entails how stay set manufacturers bring together different components of the stay set complete.

As the name suggests, the bow stay set is bow-shaped while its base assumes a forged rectangular shape.

It is important to note that the base has a forged washer that does not have threads. This base helps to adjust the position of the rod during a  tensioning process.

At the very top of the stay set is a plug which is also known as a stopper. The purpose of this plug is to prevent the removal of the tension.

On the other hand, the lower side of the rod is properly threaded with a square plate and a locknut. These two components ensure that the stay set is properly secured to the wood or concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a stay set used for?

Stay set is usually used to connect the stay wire to the ground. It is an important component of a power line system and plays a critical role in ensuring that there is a smooth connection.

What is the material for the stay set?

It specifies the physical characteristic of the stay set complete. It determines whether the rod will be strong or not.

It also has an influence on the durability of the stay set.

Boy stay sets are made of heavy gauge steel which is usually denoted as BS 1387 steel

It is among the strongest grades of steel that can guarantee you a long lifespan.

The threads of the rod have a 7H/8g coarse pitch tolerance.

On the other hand, the bow of the stay set is made of quality grade 43A steel.

What is the size of the stay set?

The stay set sized depending on the minimum failing load.

This means that there is no standard size of the rod. The more the load, the bigger the size.

You need to check different sizes and choose one depending on the intended failing load.

Once you focus on these technical specifications, you will be able to choose the right stay set.

How to test the stay bow with a thimble?

Routine test:

The routine test will be carried out during the manufacturing process, the QC team should check below items:

Dimensions and surface
Galvanizing thickness test by ELCO meter

Sample test in the finished state:

Physical and visual checks on dimensions, construction, operations, and Check on marking

Type test will be made before shipment:

Tensile test for min breaking load of 62kn
Hot dip galvanized according to ISO1461

The marking on the stay bow and thimble is legible and durable with the factory name, batch number, and contract number.

Stay Set


Stay Set