Square neck of the round head carriage bolt makes the bolt self-locking during tightening, when mated with a square hole. Offered in a variety of sizes. Commonly referred to as a coach bolt.

Quan Pham brand of pole line construction fasteners consist of machine and carriage bolts, flat, curved square and round washers, lock washers, washer nuts, locknuts, staples and lag screws. All products are designed and manufactured per applicable electric utility and communications industry standards.

  • 3″ thread length
  • Includes one square nut
  • Rated tensile strength is 7,800 lbs
  • Galvanized per ASTM A-153
  • Manufacuted in compliance with standards ANSI C135.1 and CAO 7096
  • RUS listed, i – bolt carriage.


Coating Galvanized, ASTM A-153
Material Steel
Tensile Strength 7800 lb.
UPC 096359075202


Diameter 0.5 in
Diameter (Fraction) 1/2 in
Length 7.00 in
Length – Threaded Area 4.00 in
Weight 0.39 lb


Pallet Quantity 4800