Fork clamps letters T L1

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Fork clamps letters T L1

Material: Aluminum

kẹp rẽ nhánh chữ t

Used to bypass AC conductors, overhead line ACSR

Fork clamps attached accessories T branch connection in 110kV substation, 220kV, 500kV.
The electrical connection to wire, wire to bus bar, busbar wires with aluminum tubes,
perpendicular vertical type, horizontal type parallel.
The sample size is suitable for all AC wiring, AAC, ACSR 120,185,240,300,330,400,477MCM, 500,795MCM, 1215
and aluminum pipe busbar (guides) Al80 / 70, 90 / 80.100 / 90, 110/100, 120 / 110.130 / 116.150 / 136.