RVVP copper braid PVC insulated flexible cable 3×10 + 1x6mm2

RVVP copper braid PVC insulated flexible cable

Brand: Dusonc Cable

Made in Korea


Technical Specification For Power Cable
Cable Type General Description Relevant Standard
3×10+1*6 mm2 For power transmission and distribution lines JB/T8735-2011, IEC60332
Cable Construction
Conductor Conductor Material Copper
Constitute Structure 7/1.35
Conductor Diameter 4.05
Insulation Insulation Material PVC
Insulation mean Thickness 1
Insulation Colour Black, Red, Blue, Orange
Tape Conductor Tape 20×0.2
Screen Screen Material Copper Wire
Screen size 0.15
Jacket Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Colour Black
Jacket mean thickness 1.8mm
Diameter Finished approximate diameter 22.08mm
Weight 650.76KG/KM
Mark 450/75V 3×10+1*6mm2 Power cable oraccording to customer’s requirement.
Electrical Characteristics Properties
Conductor DC Resistance at 20℃(Ω/KM) 3.0800 Min Bending radius ≤6*D
Rated Voltage (V) 450/750v
Rated Temperature(℃)
Conductor long-term maximum operating temperature of 90 ℃