Policy payment - delivery - warranty - refunding - Security!

I / General principles:

Website Quan Pham Industrial Electric Company Limited implementation and operational activities, objects serve all citizens throughout the territory of Vietnam.

Products are trading at website must meet all the provisions of the law, no sale of unknown origin.

Trading activities on the website must be made public and transparent, ensuring the customer’s interests.

II / General provisions:

Website domain name:

Website due Quan Pham Industrial Electric Company Limited development for domain name transaction is

Common definition:

The seller Quan Pham Industrial Electric Company Limited discounts.

Shoppers are citizens throughout the territory of Vietnam. Buyers have the right to register for an account or do not need to register for an account to conduct transactions.

Members are including buyers and reference information, discussion on the website.

The content of this Regulation comply with the current regulations of Vietnam. Members joining sites have to learn your legal responsibility to existing laws of Vietnam and the commitment to comply with the contents of this Regulation.

Buyers and sellers can refer to the following payment method of choice to apply appropriate methods:

Method 1: Direct payment (receipt buyer at the seller):

Step 1: The buyer find out information about products and services posted message.
Step 2: Buyer to address company.
Step 3: The buyer paid cash, ATM cards or credit cards and receiving goods.

Method 2: Postpay (COD – cash on delivery):

Step 1: The buyer find out information about products and services posted message.
Step 2: The purchase order confirmation (phone, text messaging, email).
Step 3: Seller Buyer to verify the information.
Step 4: Seller shipping.
Step 5: The buyer receive goods and pay with cash, ATM cards or credit cards.

Method 3: Pay online via credit card, bank transfer:

Step 1: The buyer find out information about products and services posted message.
Step 2: The purchase order confirmation (phone, text messaging, email).
Step 3: Seller Buyer to verify the information.
Step 4: The buyer paid.
Step 5: Seller shipping.
Step 6: The buyer received the goods.

Delivery within the city of Ho Chi Minh City:

Customers can receive goods at company headquarters Quan Pham Industrial Electric Co., Ltd: 285 Dien Bien Phu – Ward 7 – District 3 – HCMC.
Free shipping with 10km radius from the company headquarters Quan Pham. On the 10km, the surcharge will add 1$ / km.
Delivery time of day, or depending on the customer’s agreement.
Delivery to other provinces:

Delivery time from 2-4 days, depending on the region, geography, transportation.
Shipping cost will be reasonable agreement with the customer.

Warranty products are: overcoming the failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer.

– Products are free warranty if the product warranty period is also calculated from the date of delivery and the provisions of each manufacturer for all technical incidents.

– The warranty period is indicated on the warranty card or invoice based on a purchase.

– Yes warranty and warranty of the company stamp on the product.

Service center address

– Product warranty has expired or lost votes recorded on the warranty card, purchase invoice.

– Tem warranty seal is torn, broken, crushed or paste was being modified.

– Warranty does not specify Serial number and date of purchase.

– The number on the product can not be identified or wrong than the number indicated on the warranty card.

– Products damaged due to mechanical impact drops, breaks, bumps, scratches, denting distortion, wet, watery or due to fire, natural disasters caused.

– Products with signs damaged by rodents or insects from entering.

– Improper use manuals, misuse voltage regulation.

– Arbitrarily dismantling, repair by individuals or technicians not authorized by the manufacturer.

– The fault does not lie within the warranty as stipulated by the company.

– Customers should retain purchase receipts, warranty card to get the fastest support and after-sales service of the QUANPHAM Industrial Electric discounts.

– In the case of product warranty expires, warranty card loss or cases not covered under warranty, if customers need repair, but Quan Pham will support customers paid service prices.

We accept returned goods, bartering in the following cases:

– Every wrong types and designs as you order.

– Not enough, not enough of such in order.

– The external situation affected as denting, peeling, breakage …

– Do not qualify as not operate, other fault within the warranty providers, manufacturers …

– Agreement between Quan Pham and Customers

With return terms as above, please please check with the reception of goods and delivery staff.

– Do not accept the return of goods purchased (except in special cases)

– Over 07 days after customers receive goods (not including freight time)

– Send the correct aviation models, not purchased by our company.

– Violation of regulations on use of the manufacturer.

– Operating instructions improperly causing damage goods.

– End of the warranty period or not to implement the provisions under the guidance or violate the terms of warranty. (Please see the terms of warranty)

I / aim and scope of customer information collected
We collect customer lists to send promotional information, the company’s QuanPham Idustrial Electric discounts to customers nationwide.

II / Scope uses information
Scope uses the information our customers are used for the purposes of sales and customer care.

III / time information storage
We store customer information on software systems for ease of care and delivered to customers the promotional information of the QuanPham Idustrial Electric.

The information of the members that have been in the process QUANPHAM registration, QUANPHAM will review this information periodically and use the information to create statistics about website visitors. These files will be removed as planned by QUANPHAM or at the request of Members.

Information storage time of 36 months, after this time, members of QUANPHAM to update the information in order to refresh the system, help manage information more effectively.

IV / Our company would commit
– QuanPham Idustrial Electric would commit to not share information to third parties, except when carried out in accordance with the law.

– Our company is committed to ensure the safety of personal information collected and stored, preventing acts: theft or unauthorized access to information; unauthorized use of information; changes, unauthorized destruction of information.