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January 2023

Cadivi control cable price list 05/2024

Cadivi 05/2024 control cable price list

Update the latest Cadivi control cable price list in 05/2024 The price of CADIVI control cable still applies the price list issued on May 17, 2021, but different discount rates are applied that are more suitable for copper price fluctuations in the market. For the best discount Cadivi 05/2024 control cable quote, please contact the sales department Phone: 02839304952 Hotline: 0903790986 Mail:

Capacitors for medium and low voltage reactive power

Currently, the company Quan Pham provides all kinds of reactive power compensation capacitor standalone RTR Right in Vietnam, made in Spain:
reactive power capacitors
Reactive power capacitors

Low voltage compensation capacitor

- Single phase low voltage capacitor 230v 5/10 kVar - 3-phase low voltage capacitors 440v 5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50KVar - 3-phase low voltage capacitors 690v 30kVar (more…)