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January 2023

Industrial Plugs Clipsal

Clipsal Industrial Plugs

Along with the integrated development of Vietnam's economy, commits to and introduces new product lines industrial plugs with diversified features, attractive beauty and above all, competitive prices and protection. perfect behavior. (more…)

Apeks Industrial plug

Introduction of Apeks Industrial Plugs

Industrial plugs Apeks  is one of the industrial electrical equipment that is very familiar to engineers, electrical technicians and users in constructions, factories, workshops, mines,... However, if not used properly as well as the quality of industrial sockets is not good, does not meet the standards can cause unexpected electrical accidents.


Industrial Plug PCE

Industrial Plugs - PCE

Different from residential sockets and plugs, industrial sockets and plugs are only used in industrial environments, which means that our equipment must work in such environments. harsher field. By standard ...

 Industrial plug

PCE is an Austrian industrial plug and socket brand famous in the world