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January 2023

Introduction Quality ABC Cable Stop Clamp

Introduction Quality ABC Cable Stoppers

Industrial electrical equipment company Quan Pham introduce to customers  ;ABC cable stop clamp​ high quality and absolute safety to meet electrical industry standards TCVN, IEC,... Come to Quan Pham to receive dedicated advice from our team Professional staff, especially we provide products with preferential prices, along with the most special after-sales service.
cable-stop clamp 1
Figure 1: ABC cable stop clamp

What are anti-vibration dumbbells for lightning conductors used for?

Effect of anti-vibration weights for lightning protection lines

 Anti-vibration dumbbell for GSW lightning wire, TK 50,70, 90 , Pastel rope 147, 288, Phlox rope with the feature of two counterweights connected by twisted aluminum cables to help anti-vibration weights have elastic vibrations and anti-vibration effects for lightning protection lines before the influence of wind hurricane or earthquake. (more…)

Details of ACSR conductor parallel clamps

Details ACSR conductor parallel clamp

Products grid accessories includes: - Low voltage line accessories - Accessories for medium voltage lines 24kV, 35kV - 110kV . line accessories - 220kV . line accessories - 500kV . line accessories Line fittings are manufactured according to TCVN, IEC, ... ACSR conductor parallel clamp (aluminum cable clamp) is made of aluminum alloy for AA, ACKP, ACSR, ..., used at ram or branch positions.