Switchboard Types

Where safe and efficient electrical distribution is needed – QUANPHAM Modular system can be supplied. The Modular switchboard system from QUANPHAM is one of the most versatile and safe enclosure solutions on the market offering numerous possibilities for construction of type tested low voltage switchboards.

Main module size is 192 mm, which ensures a maximum of versatility and construction of any type of enclosures,w hile it at the same time can be fitted to accomendate individual requirements and demands from end-user, customer or consultants.

This makes it possible to construct a custom made switchboard solution based on a range of standard components without compromising with the high QUANPHAM quality.

Any type of switchboard can be constructed within the Modular system including, but not limited to:

April 2019

Motor Control center(MCC) | MCC Electrical Switchboard

A motor control center (MCC) is a type of electrical switchboard, which contains one or more motor starter sections. The advantage of utilizing a QUANPHAM switchboard solution for Motor starter sections is, that one can combine the solution with other distributions switchboards. Motor control centers differ from other types of switchboards as they often contains more extensive communication equipment regarding start/stop of engines as well as signals concerning the function of the engines and motors. (more…)

Marine Panels

QUANPHAM’s Modular System is due to its basis features and high quality particularly suitable for the construction of electrical panels for the marine industry and an optimum solution for the often narrow space onboard vessels.The modular system is particularly suitable for building marine panels. (more…)

Main Switchboards

Highest safety, quality, efficiency and endurance. When these are required for electrical power distribution an electrical switchboard solution from QUANPHAM is the ideal choice.

Main switchboard built in the modular system

Any main switchboard designed in the modular system, offers an infinite opportunity for effective power distribution up to 6300 A.  (more…)

Distribution Switchboards

When only the highest safety, quality, efficiency and endurance are required for electrical power distribution an electrical switchboard solution from QUANPHAM is the ideal choice.

Operational and personnel safe distribution switchboards

Low voltage distribution panels from QUANPHAM is constructed upon our modular system, which is the perfect solution for effective power distribution of up to 6300 amps. The QUANPHAM modular system is recognized as a high quality enclosure system and as one of the most versatile and safe electrical switchboard solutions on the market. (more…)