Capacitor News

January 2023

Capacitors for medium and low voltage reactive power

Currently, the company Quan Pham provides all kinds of reactive power compensation capacitor standalone RTR Right in Vietnam, made in Spain:
reactive power capacitors
Reactive power capacitors

Low voltage compensation capacitor

- Single phase low voltage capacitor 230v 5/10 kVar - 3-phase low voltage capacitors 440v 5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50KVar - 3-phase low voltage capacitors 690v 30kVar (more…)

Instructions on how to choose conductors for capacitors

How to choose conductors for capacitors in the installation of self-compensating cabinets

I. Things to know about electrical conductors:

Electricity brings many conveniences in life but must always go hand in hand with safety. By ensuring the factors of selection and use of capacitors and selection of electrical conductors for assembling capacitor cabinets will contribute to minimizing optimization in using electricity brings economic efficiency and safety in assembling compensation capacitor to avoid fire and explosion caused by overloading of conductors. (more…)