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January 2023

High quality cable tray ladder at wholesale price

Quan Pham is the leading distributor of electrical equipment in Vietnam, specializing in wholesale supply for electrical stores nationwide, has participated in providing supplying electrical materials for key power projects throughout the territory of Vietnam. Quan Pham's operating criteria are reasonable prices, quality products, combined with our good supply and service ability to meet all customer needs. Wholesale and retail distribution: electrical switchboard, electrical cabinet supplies, high-class cable tray ladder
Cable tray ladder

High-end electrical panel cabinet with wholesale price

Quan Pham is the leading distributor of industrial electrical equipment in Vietnam, specializing in providing wholesale and retail for electrical stores and contractors worldwide. country.

Supplying high quality electrical panel cabinets at wholesale prices.

Distribution electrical switchboard manufactured according to quality standard ISO 9001-2000, fully meeting the highest standards of the electrical industry from Vietnamese standards to international standards IEC 255, IEC 439, IEC 529. (more…)

Where to install cheap capacitor cabinets?

Where to install capacitor cabinets cheap where, product quality is guaranteed, genuine warranty is the most asked question. Currently, the need to use compensating capacitors is increasingly popular and plays an important role in a professional power system. Product line with quality, beautiful design and preeminent features required for electrical systems. (more…)