January 2023

Price list of rubber coated welding cable May 2016

Welding cable price list 2018 See at: day-cap-han-samwon-2018/ This is the 2016 welding cable price list, to see Samwon 2017 welding cable price list, please click on the following link: https://quanpham. vn/bang-bao-gia-day-cap-han-samwon-2017/

Price list SAMWON welding cable May 2016

 Welding Cable 16  31,000  200m/ roll
 Welding Cable 25  49,500  200m/ roll
 Welding Cable 35  71,000  200m/ roll
 50 solder cable  96,000  200m/ roll
 70 solder cable  142,000  100m/ roll
 95 solder cable  190,000  rulo 1000m
 Welding Cable 120  260,000  rulo 1000m
 Welding Cable 150  325,000  contact
 Welding Cable 185  501,000  contact
 Welding Cable 200  735,000  contact
 250 solder cable  915,000  contact
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Uses of protective relays

1. Uses of protection relays:

During the operation of the electrical system, problems and abnormal working conditions of the equipment may occur. In most cases, the faults are accompanied by high current surge and relatively low voltage drop especially short circuit problems. The high current flowing through electrical equipment generates heat  Excessive allowable lead to aging insulation, equipment damage. Low voltage leads to electrical equipment not working properly (motor speed reduction, transmission capacity reduction of lines, ...). (more…)

December 2022

Crane cable price list 05/2024

Updates: Update the latest price list of crane cable with heavy duty steel wire 05/2024 Phone: 02839304952 Hotline: 0903790986 Mail: Update monthly crane cable price 05/2024
Important Note: This is a reference price, please contact Sales staff directly for exact price

Price list for crane cables

Price list of crane cable with 1.5mm2 bearing steel rope

Specifications Price Notes
 1.5mm2 x 8C  108,000  200m/ roll
 1.5mm2 x 10C  120,000  200m/ roll
 1.5mm2 x 14C  162,000  200m/ roll
 1.5mm2 x 16C  195,000  500m/ roll
 1.5mm2 x 20C  248,000  500m/ roll
 1.5mm2 x 24C  325,000  500m/ roll
Quan Pham provides other crane equipment such as: electrical rail, electric broom, and crane controller. Business Contact: 028 39304952 - 028 39302400 For best price. See more: Price list for anti-interference control cable 05/2024 Price list of control cable without anti-interference 05/2024

Price list of rubber cable SAMWON 05/2024

Update the price list of Samwon rubber cable 05/2024.
Quan Pham would like to send you an update on rubber cable price update 05/2024. Due to fluctuations in the world copper price, for the most accurate price of rubber cable 2024, please contact the sales department. Thank you for your understanding for this inconvenience, Quan Pham would like to thank you.
Business Department Hotline: 0903790631 - 0903790984 - 0903790986< /code> Mail: Update monthly rubber cable price 05/2024

Price list rubber cable SAMWON

 2C x 1.5 15,500 16,000  200m/ roll
 2C x 2.5 18,000  25,500  200m/ roll
 2C x 4 35,000  38,000  200m/ roll
 2C x 6 44,000  46,000  200m/ roll
 2C x 10 85,000  88,000  200m/ roll
 2C x 16  Contact  Contact  200m/ roll
 3C x 1.5 20,500  22,000  200m/ roll
 3C x 2.5 30,000  36,000  200m/ roll
 4C x 1.5 24,000  26,000  200m/ roll
 4C x 2.5  Contact  Contact  200m/ roll
 4C x 4 62,000  64,000  200m/ roll
 5C x 6 103,000  100,000  200m/ roll
 12C x 1.25 51,000  51,000
For the best price, please contact sales: 028 39304952 - 028 39302400. Hotline: 0903 790 986