Double-arming bolts are used in pairs to “unitize” two crossarms when line constructin requires the strength of double arm construction. Industry slang is D A Bolt.

Pole and crossarm components offered by the Quan Pham brand includes braces, double-arming bolts, reinforcing plates and grid gains for crossarm support. Braces are offered in steel or Apitong wood and include V-type, side-arm and two-piece under arm and side mount styles.

  • Full-thread with cone pointed ends
  • Includes two square nuts
  • Rated tensile stength is 12,400 lbs.
  • Galvanized per ASTM A-153
  • Manufactured in compliance with ANSI C135.1 and CAO 6645
  • RUS listed, n, Bolt, double-arming


Coating Galvanized, ASTM A-153
Material Steel
Tensile Strength 12400 lb.
UPC 096359366867


Diameter 0.63 in
Diameter (Fraction) 5/8 in
Length 10.00 in
Weight 1.01 lb


Pallet Quantity 2240