Safety issues and quality of electrical equipment is always the first concern of users. Understand that, industrial electrical equipment Military discounts are committed to our customers with products of quality standards and first-class service has been proven to tens of thousands of customers in more than 10 years of operation.

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We are a professional contractor specializing in the design, supply of equipment and construction and installation of low voltage distribution cabinet in industrial buildings, buildings and commercial centers. Construction and installation of the system to ensure stable operation, safety, aesthetic.

Quan Pham specialized installation motor control cabinets to work independently or in process technology. Cabinets can be operated manually or automatically.
Installation range in terms of outdoor equipment, industrial plants, urban areas, parks, ports, airports …

Power distributive cabinets are an integral part of any industrial or civil public, cabinet used to provide power protection and distribution of the total for the plant, to ensure the device isolation bearing electric power users during operation.

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