Ovaleye bolts are used to support suspension insulators in deadend applications.

Hardware for deadending conductor and guy wires, offered by the Quan Pham brand, consist of Thimbleye® and ovaleye bolts, banding, eyenuts and eyelets, guy attachments and guy markers. All products are designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable electric utility and communications industry standards.

  • 6″ thread length and cone point
  • Includes one square nut
  • Rated tensile strength is 22,000 lbs.
  • Manufactured in compliance with Canadian CSA C83-96 specification and Charpy level 1 impact properties with average minimum energy absorption of 20 joules when tested at -20 degrees C per ASTM A370
  • Galvanized steel per CSAG164-M


Coating Galvanized, CSA G164-M
Material Steel
Tensile Strength 22000 lb.
UPC 096359816263


Diameter 0.75 in
Diameter (Fraction) 3/4 in
Length 18.00 in
Length – Threaded Area 6.00 in

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s) CSA C83.65