Construction of the factory electrical system

For a factory operation efficiency and high yield in manufacturing the electrical system must be stable, secure and standards.

Quan Pham consulting electrical system construction workshops, materials and equipment supply genuine power. Construction staff of experienced, professional, fast, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

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Save time, cost and effort.
Integrated with the advanced technology and the best fit.
Backed professional design consultant.
Support consultants when required to expand the system in the future.[/vc_message]

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1. Survey & record customer information
The purpose of use requirements of customers and use the device.
Ground surveys, the building structure and equipment installation location.
Construction conditions and the quality of construction materials (cable, tubes, splints ….).
The condition can affect systems (electrical, environmental …).

2. System Design
Detailed technical drawing system includes the type of equipment used (price, technical features, the warranty period), installation diagram …
The number of materials and components supplied.
Construction time.

3. Construction of power systems
Navigation equipment deployment (plastic tubes, splints, wire …).
Cable systems deployed in accordance with the design scheme.
Electrical equipment connected to the electrical system.
Installing the controller (capacitor bank controllers, PLC, …)


1. Acceptance and Transfer System
Check the compatibility and stability of the system.
System acceptance test records transfer device (warranty, bills …).
Transfer contract to design and installation, electrical system schematic.

2. Manual and training systems.