Construction and installation of the control cabinet

Quan Pham Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in supplying materials, electrical equipment genuine, design construction and installation of the control cabinet meets IEC 61 439 / AS 61 439 / NEMA / JIS. Our team of professional, experienced rapid construction, safety, high aesthetics.

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Support professional design advice.
Support consultants when needed to expand and upgrade.
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Learn about control panel

Control cabinets are used to control and protect motors, pumps .. high capacity in mills, factories, pumping stations.

There are many different types of control cabinets based on the startup mode, the control depending on engine type and requirements of the clients as: boot stars triangle, started directly, soft start, restart hard, start with inverter…

Main ingredient:
Switchgear MCCB / MCB, Boot from – Contactor, Relay, Timer, Inverter (inverter), soft start (Soft Starter), or launch the star – triangle.

Basic specifications:

The control cabinet must meet the standards: IEC 61 439 / AS 61 439 / NEMA / JIS
Operating voltage: up to 1000V AC / DC
Current levels: Standard 1000A
Option: Up to IP 6300A, as required
IP protection: IP 65, waterproof
Short circuit withstand: 50kA-1s, possibly at the request 150KA-1s
Electrical cabinet structure: 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0mmT plate mounted device with breaking edges in
Doors throughout: Separated during 5mmT c / w seal
Lift type: lift Khoen easy installation
Fixed Type: boxes
Material: Hot-rolled steel, stainless steel S / S 304/316 on request
Standard Finish: Powder coating, RAL 7032 or other colors on request.