Maintenance services electrical systems

QUANPHAM has been providing maintenance services, maintenance, upgrading electrical systems in factories, workshops, such as wood processing plants, dairies, factories Tan Binh Industrial Zone, Tan Tao .. . Coming to Quan Pham, customers will receive a high quality of service, professionalism and the most prestigious.

Maintenance services electrical systems

Most of the fire service in our country is due to electrical leakage. Due to the following reasons:

Poorly connected electrical circuits.
Insulating tape is not good.
Shoddy wiring load.
The protective equipment degradation.
Due to insects.

Process maintenance electrical systems

1. Recognition of the parameters:
Noting operational logs from the client.
Record the input voltage.
Record the output voltage.
Record the phase current value input / output load.
Record capacity of each phase.
Record power factor.
Record frequency.

2. Check details:
Check the power source (Transformer – EVN, ..).
Check the total power distribution cabinets and appliances in cabinets.
Check the electrical distribution cabinets, lights, equipment directive … on the electrical panel.
Check the lighting system.
Check load consumption of electrical appliances, calculate the total load and output load testing to determine MCCB total consumption.
Hygiene cabinets, electrical equipment.
Check the connection of the device.
Check load distribution to adjust the phase of download.
Make a list of problems to be solved (if any).
Check the system log activities.
Measure the input and output voltage of the electrical cabinet, combined phase sequence measurement.
Calibrate the power meter.
Try MCCB overall system power off to switch to UPS source, some of the system will power off automatically restart.
Try MCCB bypass the UPS system.
Check cables for server room dynamics.
Noting the important electrical parameters for monitoring.

Coming to QUANPHAM, customers will receive a high quality of service, professionalism and the most prestigious.