Executor of building power system quality, prestige


Executor of building power system quality, prestige

The safety and efficiency of the workshop is determined by a variety of factors, including the construction of the electrical system of the workshop is especially important.

Executor of building power system quality

To meet the needs of long-term safety, the owner of the workshop, the business owner must choose a construction unit prestige, quality from the beginning. Although the number of companies providing electrical system construction services on the market today, but to find a suitable unit is not easy. Certainly when there is a need to install electrical systems for the factory, the business owners outlined the basic requirements such as:

  • It is equipped with modern and high quality electrical equipment
  • The construction design is suitable with the factory’s characteristics, meeting the optimum production activities
  • Having a team of engineers to assist in design, construction and supervision of high-tech projects
  • Execute effectively, saving time and effort
  • Not only quality assurance but also bring aesthetic value to the final appearance of the factory, avoid the state of power system cumbersome, affecting production.

As a unit of design, construction and installation of quality factory electrical system, has been effectively executed for hundreds of large and small projects nationwide, Quan Pham with skilled engineers, processes Being professional, modern, providing international standard quality products has become a reliable unit of many customers. With our continuous effort to complete the meditation on product quality and service quality, Quan Ph has the desire to bring the core values ​​to our customers and to accompany them to succeed.

Ensure the process of building the most professional electrical system

Building effective workflows right from the beginning will be a solid foundation for the unit to build a more confident workshop system with thousands of different large-scale projects. Once we have selected the Pham, we always want to bring you peace of mind from the beginning with the following steps:

Investigate and collect customer information

In order to provide the most suitable consultancy for the project, Quan Pham does not allow you to visualize in general terms, or take a previous work to simulate but will carry out fieldwork and information mining, Individual desire of each object to determine:

  • The purpose and need of using electrical equipment factory
  • Factory structure and construction site
  • Construction conditions
  • The quality of construction materials desired
  • Expected issues that may affect long-term use and construction of the workshop electrical system.

Conduct system design

Highly trained engineers who have experience in design and construction will be based on the basic features of the project and the desire of the customer to carry out the design. The complete design will be exchanged and agreed with customers in each stage to save time, improve efficiency and anticipate the problems:</span

  • Equipment needed (price list, technical features, warranty and estimated service life)</span
  • Quantity of supplies and accessories
  • Estimated construction time

Power system supports efficient production

Constructing electrical system of factory

After completion of the above two steps, between the construction unit and the enterprise have agreed to carry out construction to keep pace. We pay special attention to the following issues:

  • Conductors: ensure the safety and protection of the electrical system
  • The cable system follows the design diagram
  • Connect power to the electrical system

All steps will be monitored very closely by professional engineers to minimize errors that may occur.

Put the success of the customer is the basis for development

The success of a business depends not only on the ability or business capital but also on the prestige and brand. Whether your unit is large or small, the key thing that customers need is efficiency. When you put your customer’s benefit in your favor, what you have demonstrated will convince more prospects.
QuanPham is also whether the construction of electrical system workshops, installation of cabinets, maintenance, maintenance …, the product industry or any other service quality and prestige. Our development journey is not just about satisfying our desire to create core values, to succeed.
Efforts for successful projects

If you are in need of building electrical system, maintenance of electrical system, supply of electrical components, etc. or need advice on related issues, please contact us. The customer care team will help you understand more about the industry and provide the optimal solution for power projects. For further information please contact:

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Address: 285A Dien Bien Phu – Ward 7 – District 3 – HCM City
Phone: +84 28 3930 4952 – +84 28 3930 2400
Email: sale@quanpham.vn
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